Mint Condition | Invigorating Muscle Soak

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Slam dunk into a hot steamy bath with us, you fking tense little ball of tension and stress. 

No one's getting sidelined this half because we've put an All-Star team together. 

Meet magnesium - your #1 muscle go-to. This player's been known to act quickly and is effective in delivering results, faster than you can say *defence*.  The other team players in this powerful pack are rosemary, lemon and spearmint.  These are widely known for their heavy work assisting circulation, easing muscle & menstrual cramps as well as reducing inflammation. There won't be any achy muscles left after this tub match. 

After you've gone hard, repair hard. (Psst, that's what we're for - we'll do the repairing work for you while you sit back and soak it up).


How Do You Use It?

  1. Cancel all your plans
  2. Run a hot bath (or foot tub)
  3. Add a cup (or two!) to the water
  4. Turn your phone off - we don't need TikToks going off during this tub match
  5. Strip & get your bits & butt in 
  6. Soak away for 20 minutes (before you become a prune....ew, prunes)

What's Inside The Packet?

Sadly, not an NBA title - but we're working on it. Our players are the best (we're a smidge bias). 

Magnesium sulfate (the salty stuff) and, natural essential oils of Spearmint, Rosemary & Lemon. Nothing else. That's it. End of story. No parabens, no toxic nasty things, no animal products - nothing. We should probably get some sort of gold medal alone for that.

Our Post-Soak Tip: 

Reach for that hoop baby. Stretch those arms up high and stride those walking pins out. Your muscles post soak are begging you for a light stretch, so show them a little break time action. 

After stretching we recommend using our Fix It Magnesium Muscle Mist to target the stubborn areas for extra magnesium support (shoulders, hamstrings, lower back). 


"Hey there, yep you - the one scrollin'. Keep being awesome."