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we're freshening things up...

Now, this is a story all about how

Our life got salty right about now

And we'd like to take a minute

While you're srollin' right there

To tell you how we became the saltiest ones around hurr.

In Southern Queensland, we were born and raised

With the saltiness attitude most of our days

Chillin' out maxin' actin' all cool

And all shooting some b-ball outside of school

When a couple of muscles, were up to no good

Started playing up with our livelihood

We got a little tight and then we got scared

And said 'We're moving to recovery town..right over there'...

that ^ was absolutely not necessary. but we are impressed with our own skills tbh. fresh 'cmon.

profit for purpose

Your head is at the heart of what we do

We love your good lookin' head & muscles, so much so that we want to make sure they're healthy - always. 

Mental Health & Wellbeing is a biggie & the stigma can piss right off (along with coriander).  We've partnered with Black Dog Institute  and we pledge $1 from every sale to the organisation. No matter if you're an Olympian or Bookworm-ian, you matter, your mind matters and, we got chu.

nrl scandals are shitty. we're not.

This Society plays well with others. It doesn't do dodgy shit - like test on animals. It's non-toxic and it's Australian Made. Oh, and we're pretty good 90's trivia (yes, it is a sport - because we get anxious & sweaty).

We source natural, we source local where possible and, we keep it simple. Muscle recovery & skin care is our thang. You play big in this game of life, and so do we. We're here to support your muscle health & body and, be hella salty along the way (thanks, magnesium).

supporting legends

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fk yeah - I want in!