Partners & Stockists

Nike, is that you? 

We're always up for a yarn if you're wanting to partner with us, become an ambassador, or an affiliate. We like to work with brands that are legends in their own right. Who have people at the heart of what they do and, who aren't serious Susan's. Ain't nobody got time for dat. We don't do sponsorship's (we partner with Black Dog Institute and give $1 from every transaction to support mental wellbeing), but we do partner and affiliate...with awesome brands and people. 

Are you or your brand a little - wild?

Want to partner on a rooftop doing yoga over the Manhattan skyline? Host a marathon through SA's wine region? Kick it with Michael Jordan on a golf tour in PJ's? The wilder, the better. We don't do ordinary. Pop us a love note, here.

Want to become an Affiliate?

We won't make you feel like Leo (poor guy, so many great movies, so little recognition). We'll ALWAYS recognise you for singing from the rooftops about us & we'll always support you and your business. Send us a love note.


Want to become a Stockist?

If you've got a tribe that train hard and recover even harder - hi, hello, welcome - this is for you. You may have already seen us in some selected F45 Gyms, Fernwood centre's and physio's around the country. We're armed and ready with a stockist portal (chyeah - we're fucking organised) and a kickass team who'll be there to support you every step of the way. You're not just a stockist, you're now part of the salty culty la-la, and ... it's a vibe. Cult entries, here.

Feel like joining forces as a team? Contact us (but make it funny), at Bonus points if you include sports puns and cats.