Grounded A.F | Balancing Muscle Soak

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Wowee, our Grounded A.F formula will give your hormones, muscles, and skin the revival they’ve been bloody screaming at you for.

A go-to muscle and skin restoration formula that's been infused with rose-geranium which acts as a hormonal balancer (goodbye angry hormones). Ylang-Ylang can assist with signs of hypertension which works alongside our magnesium base to release burning, fatigued and overworked muscles.

How Do You Use It?

  1. Immediately cancel all of your plans, because you have a Society date
  2. Run a hot bath or foot tub
  3. Take your clothes off (do not just throw them on the floor - what would your mum say?)
  4. Sit back & ground yourself (for 20 minutes, otherwise you'll start to become a prune...ew, prunes)

What's Inside The Packet?

Definitely not snarky comments from Susan, or your Ex, so we're off to a flying start.

Magnesium sulfate (the white salty stuff), natural essential oils of Rose-Geranium, Ylang-Ylang, and Sweet Orange. 

Gosh, that was a quick ingredient list. 


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