Magnesium Spray

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We've ramped up the recovery game so you can go hard, play hard, and workout harder.

Our premium blend of magnesium chloride will work like magic when you massage it into your tense, sore, and tight areas. The magic happens as the mist absorbs into the transdermal layer of skin, allowing it to get working faster than you can say "I'm never doing burpees again".
Our magnesium muscle oil isn't filled with any nasties, in-fact, we've kept it natural and simple so that everyone from athletes to pregnant mumma's can use it to relieve midnight leg cramps, sleep issues, aches, and general life fatigue. 


How Do You Use It?

  1. Mist it onto stubborn, tight or niggly areas and gently rub in
  2. Wipe the residue off (sometimes your skin can feel itchy which is said to be a common indicator that you're low in magnesium). Wiping the residue off after gently rubbing in won't impact results. If you're a mag spray newbie, you'll most likely get the itch! Any old faithful knows that this is the most common niggle of using mag spray. Your body can take time to adjust to absorbing the new mineral, so always ensure you patch use for the first few times until itching subsides. Applying a lotion post spritz can help ease the itch! As always, seek medical advice and discontinue if irritation occurs & don't use on sensitive skin. Hint: you can spritz onto your stomach before bed to assist with the onset of sleep.
  3. Keep it somewhere super handy. This is your secret performance weapon.

What Is It Made From?

Premium magnesium chloride & purified water. 

No nasties, no snarky Susan's, nothing toxic or overpowering. Just natural goodness for your muscles. 


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