Press Pause | Restoring Muscle Soak

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Did 2020 get the best of you? Don't worry - we're here to give the best, to you. 

You can't shake, pivot, twist, jump, bend, or flex when your muscles are feeling worn out, stressed, achy, and tired. And, if you are doing those things with muscles like that - dayummm, that's fucked up. 

This powerful antioxidant muscle soak has been formulated to ease congestion, stimulate blood flow to troubled muscle groups, and revive the skin (thanks to the infusion of lavender and mandarin).

Feel like there's a mountain ahead of you? Take a second to pause - because we'll help you to move mountains, always.

How Do You Use It?

  1. Cancel all your plans
  2. Run a hot bath (or foot tub)
  3. Get that book you haven't had time to read
  4. Add a cup (or two!) to the water
  5. Strip & get your bits & butt in the tub
  6. Soak away for 20 minutes (before you become a prune....ew, prunes)

What's Inside The Packet?

Magnesium sulfate (the white salty stuff), natural essential oils of mandarin, lavender, lime, sweet marjoram, palmarosa, and myrrh.  Vegan friend, non-toxic, muscle safe and all-natural - we're the best friend you didn't know you had.

Our Post-Soak Tip: 

Gently stretch those limbs of yours, tiger. 

After stretching we recommend using our Fix It Magnesium Muscle Mist to target the stubborn areas (shoulders, quads, lower back). The magnesium chloride penetrates even deeper and faster into problematic areas to get you in peak condition, faster.

"Hey there, yep you - the one scrollin'. Keep being awesome."